Yazaki Innovations, Inc. (YII), a subsidiary of Yazaki Corporation, focuses on bringing new advanced technologies to complement our portfolio and to create new businesses.

Yazaki recognizes the fundamental transformations occurring in the automotive industry. Advances with respect to automotive connectivity, telematics, information and communication, data collection and analysis, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, shared mobility and electrification present limitless challenges and opportunities for new technologies. Yazaki is ideally positioned to integrate these new technologies alongside the traditional automotive connectivity and distribution systems. As such, we are leveraging our unique position through internal R&D and through the establishment of partnerships and alliances to ensure we are at the forefront of the mobility revolution.

Yazaki Innovations, Inc. is strategically located in two technology centers in California. While our Southern California operation focuses on in-house advanced R&D, our Sunnyvale operation works on bringing new innovative technologies and business partnerships to our mix through collaboration, strategic investments and acquisitions.


Yazaki offers a diverse range of products in the global automotive and energy system sectors. With greater than 240,000 employees in more than 45 countries, Yazaki is one of the world’s largest privately-owned automotive suppliers. As a result of long-term collaboration with our customers, Yazaki has become a leader in research, development, and delivery of vehicle power and data solutions. Yazaki currently produces wire harnesses, power distribution and control products, connectors, driver information systems, sensors, and hybrid and electric vehicle products. Yazaki understands that technological innovations provide the basis for a successful future. With global information exchange, Yazaki can use the combined resources of development teams located around the world. Using this approach, the best ideas and technologies can be integrated to provide a connected world between car, home and society.


We would like to work with innovative technology companies in the mobility, energy and sustainability sectors.

We can provide the support to collaborate with our business divisions to validate and to develop products and services that deliver great customer experiences.

We are actively looking to partner and become an early adopter of new technologies that are strategically aligned with Yazaki Group businesses.

The type of engagement including investments depends on the uniqueness of the technology and the strategic fit. We have no set formula.

We love engaging with startups and exploring their technologies so we can connect them with Yazaki and enable them to share our dreams for future mobility. Please feel free to contact us.

Get Strong Operational
Our researchers and engineers have the depth and breadth of knowledge from manufacturing to developing software systems. We can help you scale up your products from ideation.
Validate Your
Be the first to validate your technology in the real-world setting by working with experts in R&D, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain.
Connect With Automotive
Supply Chain
We will connect you with key decision makers within our business units who have years of experience working with customers.
Enhance Your
Global Presence
The Yazaki Group is the world’s largest wire harness supplier with a global presence in more than 45 countries. By strategically aligning with us, you will get a true global presence.


Technology Focus Areas


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Yazaki Innovations is exploring applications of artificial intelligence that can be used to make cars both safer and more efficient.

Big Data and Analytics

We are exploring ways in which the vast array of automobile data can be used to optimize logistical systems, maintenance, and safety of both vehicle fleets and personal automobiles.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Connected cars present many opportunities for improving the safety and convenience of transportation systems. We are working to develop advanced ICT systems with the goal of improving driver safety among other goals.

Fleet Telematics

When vehicle fleets are monitored and can communicate, the roads are safer, logistical systems are far more efficient and money can be saved. Yazaki Innovations is researching ways to optimize fleet telematics hardware and systems.

In-Vehicle Networking Technologies

With the recent advances in automotive electronics, more complex wire harnesses are required. Yazaki Innovations is looking for new technologies which will enable these networks to exchange information with each other reliably and efficiently.

Energy System Technologies

Yazaki Innovations would like to identify products and services that are eco-friendly and contribute to the improvement of the environment through optimum use of multiple energy sources (electric, gas fuels, solar and others).

High Voltage Distribution Systems

With electrification as a key focus, Yazaki Innovations is exploring new technologies  contributing to improvements in performance, reliability and convenience of hybrid and electric vehicles.



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